I do not know about you, but at night if I don’t want do anything, I rest on the couch, I have to keep my fingers busy, otherwise I do miss a cigarette or something to nibble on or or or. So for me I discovered wool, kniting or crocheting no matter, in a basket beside the couch is all parked.

When my Schnorpel was a little baby, we have visited friends who had a cute baby boy. They had a stitched puzzle-ball. I really liked it, and I have taken the pattern from it. Until this, I havent time to sew the ball. But when I lie on the couch I want always do something – but a sewing machine can be difficult to balance on my lap. Ok, well, I lets crochet, I have try oftentimes before I have the right crochetpattern. Of course, I was bit stupid – I haven’t remember the steps of the 30th attempt, so I’ve do it again and again. I have designed a crochet pattern that now can be adjusted as desired. I’m curious how they arrive:


Puzzleball 1
Puzzleball groß
Puzzleball 2

P.S. on handmade culture, I have applied a little instruction (in german). and

Here and here you can buy the two balls shown above.

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