The greenfield or how do I hide and clean my ebook at the same time

“Come on, come here – I have do something” So I was welcomed at the Manufacturer-Market. There I seen all kinds of knit and crochet. I even call myself a beginner, ok now better than beginners, but all that was offered at that level – I CAN MAKE TOO! GUARANTEED! And you too!

I’ve recently bought a new ebook which has a neoprene pocket to stuff, and this doesn’t  feel good in your hand. At this level, the lady had crocheted and knitted small pouches, usually made of Granny Squares and she (want’s)  36, – € for cheap acrylic yarn and a maximum of 2 hours work? Nope!

STEP 1 Choose Wool

I’m probably have bit more wool – actually I am doing my first Granny Square Blanket – . Sorry, back on topic: I wanted green, but not just green wool, I wanted fuzzy yarn. A Revulotion, I can’t do so well with this stuff.


STEP 2 Knit

First take a look for the needles I have take 4,0 Needles with the one-way yarn. I’ve take 33 meshes.

STEP 3 Cast of and decorate.

I take a chrochet flower and a little Swarowsky-Stone for decoration.

Fusselwolle Ebookhülle
Grüne Sommerwiese

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