Old works

Old works of me, my mom still holds in honor:

A few years ago I’ve made a bust via plaster cast  (its made like a baby belly cast). The whole thing glued on a wooden board, decorated again  with plaster and a frame it. Looks great, right?


I do not remember when I did it, to so about 16-17 years I’ve been to any occasion for my parents.

Seidenmalerei Clown

My parents have renovated last year, great, here in the hallways at the 1 level.The wall was really empty, but – as you can see easily – very nicely lit. So I made a picture for this wall. I think hey like it;. Anyway, it depends exactly as planned on the wall ;-)


I made this figure I was in the 6th Klasse Class :-) . For this, take a simple sheet, cut pieces and glued to black construction paper. I think Mum, loves this, at least it is still with her, although every other pic has been replaced 100 times.


Let’s see what else I can find  from old things :-)

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