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Dörte has given me a task for my summeroutfit I:  design magicly a princessdress out of a mens button-up.

Well, a shirt has unfortunately not been sufficient, but I’ve managed it,and I don’t like it (that’s why I did not post it, too), but Schnorpel will never take it off, therefore everything is right. And here is the tutorial.

The wig and the crown, and grandmas gloves are standard features of the costumebox – do not belong to the costume. Was auf dem Bild als Ärmel zu sehen ist, ist der Schlafazug, gehört also auch nicht zum Outfit. The sleeves on the pic are not part of the outfit, they are from the panjamas

Declared, not quite the task, but I think only the result counts and everyone has something lying around for using, right?

1. First Step – The shirt & Co

For me there was no shirt from dad but in fact it was my maternity blouse. I changed front with back. buttos behind, I’ve pulled the belt out. It  was cut off just above the chest so that the sleeve and the shoulder parts are “intact”. I have cut the buttons. Unterhalb der Bauchbandmarke wurde der Rock zugenäht, oberhalb wurden die Knöpfe durch Klettverschluss ersetzt. Below the belly band the skirt has been sewn up, above the buttons have been replaced with Velcro. Dies wäre eigentlich nicht nötig gewesen, aber da mein Schnorpel gerne Prinzessin spielt und das am besten gleich nach dem Kindergarten wo Mama noch arbeitet, kann sie sich mit Klett einfach besser helfen. This isn’t really necessary, but if my Schnorpel like to play princess, after the kindergarten mommy is still working in the office, she can handle it herself buttons were always open.

By the way, you can still buy it on if needed

2. Second Step – the upper part

When I cut the vest, but this left the straps much longer. Where I paint in the picture, I have sewed an elastic band inside, the fabric curls crinkeld here.

3. Third Step – fine-tuning

Now it’s a dress, but not a princess dress. So how do we make out of it somethng for the princess? Die Idee: Weihnachtstischdeko: Ich habe in meiner “Dekokiste” im Keller gekramt, dabei habe ich Tischsetzs mit passenden Tischbändern von Weihnachten gefunden PERFEKT!!! The idea: christmasdecoration: I search into my “Decobox” in the basement, though I’ve found PERFECT Sets  with matching table tapes for christmas! I have cut the, right and sewn them on the top (I recommend the way, no glitter embellishments may indeed look nice, but the glitter is everywhere…), the edges I have covered with seqius (last way, I have glued with fabric glue, I ‘m too stupid for sewing them). Anstelle einer früher oder später kaputt gehenden Kette habe ich eine rote Blume aufgeklebt, Heißkleber ist da super. Instead of  necklace whicch will break sooner or later I’m stuck on a red flowe

4. Fourth Step – using sleeves

The sleeves I’ve just cut off the top and bottom rounded. Sew the pieces on the right and left hip. If you like you fill up with little tulle, then they are off nicely ;-)


5. Fifth Step – abdominal seam

Da hier ja jetzt einige Nähte sind gilt es diese zumindest außen zu verstecken, hierfür habe ich die Tischbänder genommen, das rot passt nicht ganz zusammen. There are many seams now which you should hide,therefore I have take the table runners from the chirstmas set. Das Rote habe ich angenäht und das passende Spitzenglitzerdeckchen wird umgebunden und mit Schlefe verziert. The red one I have sewn on, the glitterlace is tied and decorated with a bow.


6. Sixt Step – remnants of the shirt leftover

I wanted to use this too, so I sewed tiny puffed sleeves and finished my princessdress.



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