Already been done a little longer, but not presented yet. Small catasses as coasters for the lovely Jenny from

It should be a funny little present for her. I was thinking really long what can I give her, it wasn’t easy to find something. Someday I’ve visited her again and noticed her coasters – for my taste something of minging. Like a car accident, you can’t look away. You have to know,  Jenny’s has a great style, not only in clothes even in her home. Everything fits together and is harmonious, color-wise, stylish, everything.  Anyway, I found them always goofy. Although my catasses do not fit into the color scheme – but they are an eye-catcher and make a good mood 🙂 bulles eye.


Take some time and look her blog CLICK. Is interesting and has very-very beautiful photos. Iam not a yogi but since Jenny has shown me some exercises, there is zero neck pain anymore. Awesome – but we do not tell this to Schnorpel-Papa, otherwise I do not get anymore massage units! Jenny is also teaching yoga, and them who try it (and some of them I even know) are all excited and going on with yoga. All this can be found in her blog.


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