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Already been done a little longer, but not presented yet. Small catasses as coasters for the lovely Jenny from

It should be a funny little present for her. I was thinking really long what can I give her, it wasn’t easy to find something. Someday I’ve visited her again and noticed her coasters – for my taste something of minging. Like a car accident, you can’t look away. You have to know,  Jenny’s has a great style, not only in clothes even in her home. Everything fits together and is harmonious, color-wise, stylish, everything.  Anyway, I found them always goofy. Although my catasses do not fit into the color scheme – but they are an eye-catcher and make a good mood 🙂 bulles eye.


Take some time and look her blog CLICK. Is interesting and has very-very beautiful photos. Iam not a yogi but since Jenny has shown me some exercises, there is zero neck pain anymore. Awesome – but we do not tell this to Schnorpel-Papa, otherwise I do not get anymore massage units! Jenny is also teaching yoga, and them who try it (and some of them I even know) are all excited and going on with yoga. All this can be found in her blog.



Today is sewing-time.

Schnorpel has grown again, so I have again take a look to her closet for to small shirts. She was a bit sad and didn’t want to give them away, so I made entirely a few pillowslips in 10 Minutes and put them to her bed. The favorite shirts are saved and Schnorpel is happy again.


Pillow for Kids
Pillow for Kids

Grandpas 60 Birthday

Schnorpel Grandpa has become 60 . Actually, we had already given him a wellness weekend, but I don’t like to go without something in hand to celebrate goofy . Now Grandpa and Grandma have a new living room, completely new. I thought , Grandpa needs a new couch blanket in matching colors – attack , there you go . I… Read more →

Christmastime = cold ears? – Nooooo


I have bought a lot of books for chrocheting hats, scarves, combinations and and and. Of course I am still a youtube fan and every evening I crochet around. Unfortunately, I forget this blog ever and ever again …

Well anyway, I got the book scoodie and have made one of the pattern. My first work:





My Schnorpel has a wish for a long time: once again something for herself. Now she was enrolled in school so I think that the paper funnel must not only included all the sweets of the world. Ergo: I need some extender. I made the really sweet (maybe sweeter than the sweets!?) hoodie and her wish is done 🙂 Perfect, two… Read more →


Is … well again soon. My crochet obsession is still current, soI like to crochet for the grandmas and grandpas. Schnorpel’s Granny 1 is already supplied. Of course, my Floral Pattern again. It takes 2.5 months and I am soooo proud of it, I prefer to keep it. Read more →