Door Wreath

It’s old, but I think I haven’t show ist already: My old autumn decoration – every Visitor can nibble (and has done). A door wreath out of candy – very simple: old wire hanger turn into circle shape, then tie the candys on it. Pretty and delicious – ähhh convenient for visitors;-) Read more →

Flip Doll – Tupsy Turvy

Actually, I wanted to show off almost simultaneously with Bärbel a flip doll. But thenthere were a lot of thingsso I can’t make one, so our little “competition” for me is dropped into water. Nevertheless, I have now finally finished my Tupsy Turvy, and I can’t wait  what my Schnorpelchen will says when she is at home. Read more →

Amigurumi x 3

JEP, I had to try this out too. First I made the mouse – actually it should be a rabbit, but I have something missed…. No matter, as a mouse I liked it (original Guide: Hase Horst) I liked my mouse so much, so I thought I should try me on a bear, the only difference, he should have a… Read more →


I’ve always liked the pattern, it’s really great,finaly I’ve bought it here: Farbenmix. I’ve already made ​​three bags, two I’m showing you now, when I snapped the third, I will show you that too;-)   Read more →